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  • WSM User Guide
  • WSM Knowledge Page
  • Upgrading the System
  • Release Notes
  • Software Patches
  • System Documentation
  • Configuration

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Overview: The WSM has many resources for diagnosing problems.

Troubleshooting issues generally fall into one of the following categories:

  1. Call Service Failure
  2. WSM Software Failure
  3. WSM Hardware platform Failure

Before You Begin:

  • Be familiar with the WSM Alarm Log
  • Be familiar with WSM Active Traces (By IP/MAC Address)
  • Be familiar with the Emergency Local Maintenance Terminal (ELMT)?
  • Be familiar with the Health Check Utility


  • View/download Alarm Log
  • View Trace Log
  • Update Trace Configuration


  • List Active Traces by IP Address
  • List Active Traces by MAC Address
  • Start a Trace
  • Stop a Trace


  • Disk and Disk Volume Statistics
  • Disk and Disk Volume Status
  • Status of WSM Resources
  • Hardware Manager Task Log
  • WSM Memory Size
  • Mated Pair Manager Log
  • Process Probing Task Log

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